The Strategy Consulting Division (consists of two separate committees) advises local businesses, start-ups, and Fortune 500 companies on their marketing and branding strategies. We provide innovative perspectives on marketing strategies to reposition brands, increase share, streamline organizations, and create competitor analyses. We conduct market research and rely on both quantitative and qualitative data to develop the most appropriate marketing strategies. Through research methods such as case studies and surveys, we provide recommendations to help clients better understand branding and target strategies.


The Design Consulting Division provides organizations and companies with creative materials including, but not limited to, logos, posters, websites, and shirt designs. We also consult our clients on any of their marketing and branding concerns related to company image and positioning.

Our development process involves combining conceptual marketing techniques with our expertise in graphic design to produce promotional materials that strategically and aesthetically target the appropriate audience. Clients will benefit from the collective talent of our committee as we work to strengthened brand presence through various marketing strategies.


The Events Consulting Division specializes in assisting small business, start-ups, and on-campus organizations in planning, marketing, and executing small and large-scale events. In the past, we have focused on providing back to the community by primarily assisting on-campus groups, small businesses, and start-ups

Recently, we expanded our services to help larger clients execute marketing events such as Live Nation, GIG Car Share, Naked Juice, and more!